Does the best feed for piglets exist?

15 December 2021
5 minutes

There is not a one product that is always the best. The optimum feed depends entirely on the circumstances on the farm, which is why we like to work with a balanced assortment to meet the different needs in the market.

Whenever possible, produced in your own factory, or when needed with the help of our premix, concentrates or even complete feed.

Preparing piglets for weaning is a delicate process and also requires a complete assortment. Five reasons to feed the piglets in the farrowing house:

  1. learn to survive (shortage of milk)
  2. extra growth and development (addition to milk)
  3. learn to eat feed
  4. learn to digest

learn to drink water Besides enough intake during the farrowing period, the spread during this period is also important. Early intake leads to a higher % piglets which eat. The goal should be an intake of at least 20% in the first 14 days. Achieving a doubling of the intake in the last week is a good instrument to judge the feed strategy in the second part.

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