Do you want a healthier sheep herd? Healthier sheep are more fertile and have a higher growth rate. In terms of sustainability and economics too, a productive and healthy herd is important. Alema Koudijs offers nutritional and management programmes for every aspect relating to goat and sheep on your farm.

Contributing to a profitable, healthy and sustainable farm

Do you have any questions?
Contact your farm advisor
Do you have any questions?
Contact your farm advisor

Helping you achieve your farm's goals

Each day brings you many challenges related to keeping your animals healthy at each life stages, such as reproduction, rearing, growing and fattening, offering the best ration, supplementation and feed, etc.

We are here to support your specific farm needs! After analysing and discussing your goals, our technical advisor provides you with a practical on-farm solution to help improve the performance of your farm.

  • Maximised margin per kg meat
  • Well-developed animals


We have the answers to your questions

Forage is the basis for a profitable and sustainable extensive small ruminant operation. It is crucial to manage the pasture and grazing of your herd all year around. During the year, the availability of forage varies considerably. To make optimal use of the forage, a grazing plan along with correct supplementation is essential to maintain productivity and profitability.

In an extensive small ruminant operation it is important to feed enough nutrients, especially around mating, gestation and lactation. We provide you with the necessary supplements in these periods.

A good start for lambs and kids is important to get strong animals for fattening. Our milk replacers and starter feeds ensure healthy and strong animals in the rearing phase.