Being a Koudijs Distributor

Growing successfully- together

Boost your network with Koudijs

Being a Koudijs distributor gives you the opportunity to develop a successful animal feed business. Koudijs is a global company that understands your market and the needs of farmers. You have access to an elaborate know-how about animal nutrition and farm management. We support you to share and use this knowledge to engage and attract your customers to become and stay loyal. The combination of the strong, high quality brand with your local network and local situation is the basis for our mutual success.

Feeding your performance

Becoming a distributor means becoming a business partner. You can rely on us to ensure availability of our products in your main location. We give you product marketing, branding and logistics support and rely on you to help promote and strengthen the Koudijs brand in your locations. This way we both achieve profitability and business growth.