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At Koudijs we dedicate ourselves each and every day to provide farmers, integrations and dealers with the best possible feed solutions, independent of the type of nutritional products or customer needs. Please get in touch with us if there is anything we can help you with.

Alema Koudijs feed factory & office: Debre Zeit, Ethiopia

Contact details
You can reach us on Monday to Saturday between 8:00 and 17:00.
Ziquala Road, - Debre Zeit
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Where to buy our products?

With our feed types and specialties you are able to ensure each animal receives the best nutrition which helps them to perform optimally. Do you have any questions? Please get in touch with the Koudijs Alema Feed sales office or with a sales representative in your region.

Contact Alema Koudijs Sales Office

Our phonenumbers:

  • 0930291795
  • 0114330662

Contact persons:

  • Piet Schutter - Executive Director -
  • Abreham Tafa - Sales Manager - 0930291772 -

Sales Representatives

Contact one of our sales representatives and farm advisor contacts in your region for all your questions and advise. 

  • Debre Zeit 0930291772
  • Adama 0926589303
  • Hawassa 0993466241
  • Amhara 0930291708
  • North Addis 0993466114
  • Gurage 0926581021
  • Harar 0930706045

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