Optimise nutritional performance

Feed the best nutrition to achieve the best results

For every animal species, we have dedicated, optimised feed products proven over years of development. De Heus compound feeds provide a complete mix (fully customised for the nutritional needs of your animals) of various raw materials such as soy and corn along with key micro-nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

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Feed the best nutrition to achieve the best results

We began producing our own animal feeds in the Netherlands over a hundred years ago. We now produce premium animal nutrition in several plants worldwide - so a lot of time, experience, knowledge and understanding goes into every feed formulation.

At-a-glance benefits

Many loyal and satisfied farmers around the world have benefited from our complete feeds and feed components for more than 100 years.

Continuous progress

Continuous refinement and improvement through Research & Development

Predictable performance

Consistent, predictable and positive results through quality management

On the farm impact

Combine and integrate nutrition with our 'on the farm approach'

Collaboration on the farm, that is the De Heus difference

Every day, our on-the-farm approach gives us valuable knowledge and insights to support thousands of farms all over the world.

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